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Pirates Invade the Nocatee Farmers Market on March 16th

Posted by Kelly Ray

3/20/13 10:24 AM



The Nocatee Farmers Market was invaded by the Fernandina Pirates Club last weekend, adding unique entertainment for over 2,000 residents and community guests.

Characters from North Florida’s historic city boarded ship and provided swash-buckling entertainment, including cannon-fire simulations, life-sized pirate boat exploration, kids scavenger treasure hunts, Pirate tales and much more. Both parents and children enjoyed the market’s unique theme and beautiful Northeast Florida weather.

While Pirates were roaming the market, 70-plus local vendors sold their loot of crafts, delicious food and organic produce.

The Nocatee TV Station was on hand to capture footage for the community TV channel, as well as the ‘NocateePonteVedra’ YouTube channel. Held every third Saturday of the month between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m, these farmers markets are not to be missed. Next month’s farmers market and Alligator Mania promises more surprises for the whole family.

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