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Lifeguarding at Nocatee

Posted by Kelly Ray

7/24/13 12:13 PM

Anna Charles started lifeguarding at Nocatee’s Splash Water Park in 2009, and she remains an active team member of the Splash Water Park staff today.

As a Ponte Vedra High School student, Anna was thrilled to be one of the principal water park hires for Nocatee’s first swim season. Although she lacked prior experience as a lifeguard, her positive attitude, enthusiasm and athleticism made her a valuable asset for the inaugural staff. Like everyone else being hired, she received the mandatory training courses required to work at Splash.

“Today, new Splash Water Park hires all have prior life guarding experience. However, we still require everyone to go through our lifeguarding and safety courses before they start guarding at Splash,” says Operations Manager, Lee Hovis. “We hold our life guards to a very high standard.”

Anna feels like she has grown in experience at the same time Nocatee has expanded. Nocatee added a 330-foot zip line inside Splash last fall, and is now the tenth best-selling community in America. Those residents that have been here since that inaugural swim season often stop by her post just to say “hello.” Along with the abilities and knowledge she has gained, Anna attributes the deep sense of community she feels with fellow staffers as another reason to love lifeguarding at Nocatee.

Anna will complete her junior year at the University of Central Florida this spring, and is already looking forward to returning for the 2014 Nocatee Summer Swim Season. “I feel truly blessed to have worked at Nocatee for four summers now, and I wouldn’t change any of my Splash memories and learning experiences for a second,” she says.

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