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Nocatee Residents lead Community Clubs & Interest Groups

Posted by Nocatee Community

10/15/13 5:19 PM

When Sharon Geyer and her husband moved to Nocatee last December, it was to build their dream home. “Not only are the amenities and community design amazing, but it's residents and sense of community that really make Nocatee unique,” says Sharon. Nocatee knows that too, and it’s one of the many reasons they’ve given residents the opportunity to form and foster interest groups that gather within their community.

Kids Ballet Class One of almost two dozen active Nocatee Clubs and Interest Groups is the already popular Nocatee Kids Ballet Club. With her extensive dance background, Sharon saw the need for a unique club for the ballerinas of Nocatee. Twice a week, Sharon donates her time and talent to showing little Nocatee residents, including her two children, how to plié and pirhouette in the spacious group-exercise facility inside the Nocatee Fitness Club.

“The ability to meet right here in Nocatee is a huge reason for it's success and continual growth,” says Sharon. “Many parents stay to watch, but some also take advantage of surrounding amenities, like Splash Water Park and the Nocatee Fitness Club exercise equipment next door. It’s so convenient.”

Already, there are a wide array of Nocatee Clubs and Interest Groups that meet around the community- inside the Nocatee Fitness Club, on the Activities Field, at the Community Park and in the Nocatee Town Center. These Resident Clubs and Interest Groups are just one of the many unique ways that Nocatee encourages residents to connect and get involved.

To learn more about the Nocatee lifestyle, stop by the Nocatee Welcome Center or call 1-800-NOCATEE. 

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