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Coloring for Kids

New Ways To Keep The Kids Entertained

Posted by Donna Lundgren - Nocatee Welcome Center Manager

4/3/20 1:59 PM

It’s a phrase that virtually all children have uttered at one time or another, especially now: “I’m bored!” So, Nocatee has come up with some fun activities to keep them engaged and happy right at home. 

  • All you have to do is click (the link), print, and enjoy! 
  • -Nocatee iSpy: It's time for iSpy... Nocatee edition! Print out a couple copies and race to see who can spot items the quickest! 
  • -Lazy River Coloring Sheet: Color Hydro (Nocatee's energetic & lovable mascot) as he floats down the Lazy River at the Splash Water Park! Nocatee Splash Water Park Coloring Page
  • -Spray Park Coloring Sheet: Color Hydro having fun at Nocatee's newest resort-style amenity!
  • -Nocatee Crossword Puzzle: Test out your Nocatee Trivia skills with this fun crossword puzzle. 
  • -Nocatee Word Search: Find all the words that sum up the Nocatee Lifestyle. This definitely counts as English class for the day!
  • -Kids Quarantine Bingo: See how many quarantine-type activities you have accomplished by playing this fun game of bingo.

-Nocatee Tic-Tac-Toe: Cut out Hydro and see if you can strike three-in-a-row with this game of Nocatee tic-tac-toe.


-Hydro Coloring Sheet: Access you inner Van Gogh and turn Hydro into your own masterpiece! 


-Nocatee Mad Lib Sheets: Choose one or all of the following Nocatee mad libs and create your own adventure! 

- The Farmers Market

- Exploring the Nature Trails

- The Waterpark 


- Zip-Line Coloring Sheet: Color Hydro as he soars over the Splash Waterpark! 

  • As always, Nocatee is committed to making the best of the times that we have. For fun things to do outside while social-distancing, click HERE.

To learn all about the Nocatee lifestyle, explore Nocatee.com, stop by the Nocatee Welcome Center or call 904-924-6863. 

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