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Carling Povtak
Nocatee Residents Take 5th annual Polar Plunge at Splash Water Park

Over eighty Nocatee residents and their guests commemorated the first swim of ...

Nocatee Community
Master-Planned Communities Keep Kids Active, Engaged

It’s a phrase that virtually all children have uttered at one time or another, ...

Donna Lundgren - Nocatee Welcome Center Manager
Holiday Celebrations Kindle Sense of Community at Nocatee

Ask a homeowner what they enjoy most about living in a master-planned ...

Nocatee Community
Farmer’s Markets Add New Ingredients, Create New Recipe for Success

Pay a visit to a farmer’s market and you're likely to go home with some fresh, ...

Nocatee Community
Master-Planned Communities: Designed for Healthy Living

Junk food. Lack of exercise. Sedentary lifestyles. They’re the usual factors ...

Carling Povtak
Families Enjoy Nocatee’s annual Halloween Party inside Splash!

Nocatee held its annual Halloween Party on Friday evening, and over 300 ...

Carling Povtak
Nocatee Labor Day Luau Recap

Over 300 residents took part in a Nocatee Labor Day Luau in Splash Waterpark on ...

Kelly Ray
Nocatee Drive-In Movie Event - THIS FRIDAY

Nocatee is having a Drive-In Movie Night this Friday, May 10th. Anyone ...

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