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4 Ways Halloween at MPCs is Perfect for Boys and Ghouls

Posted by Donna Lundgren - Nocatee Welcome Center Manager

10/25/16 2:32 PM

If there’s one holiday that master-planned communities (MPCs) do better than others, it’s Halloween. As a small community of its own, an MPC is the prime setup for filling up trick-or-treat bags and enjoying festivities with neighbors. 

Here are 4 major ways MPCs do Halloween in style:


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Nocatee Community Stands Strong through Hurricane Matthew

Posted by The PARC Group - Nocatee's Master Developer

10/10/16 4:46 PM

The PARC Group is grateful to report that the community of Nocatee reported minimal damage throughout Hurricane Matthew.  The Nocatee Welcome Center is open and has resumed normal business hours, as well as all home-builders in model homes throughout the community.

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Beyond the Floor Plan: What Today’s Buyers Want in a Neighborhood

Posted by Nocatee Community

9/14/15 11:41 AM

After a long and somewhat bumpy journey, the housing market is looking up. In July, single-family housing starts (new construction) reached their highest level since 2007. This additional demand means that buyers can be a little choosier when shopping for a new home.

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6 Things Only Master-Planned Community Residents Understand

Posted by Nocatee Community

8/19/15 4:33 PM

Yes, life in a master-planned community (MPC) is different than your average suburb or neighborhood. Maybe that’s why MPCs are so popular, with the top 50 master-planned communities in the country taking 5 percent of 2014’s total new-home sales

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Networking Opportunities are Wide Open for Jacksonville’s Young Professionals

Posted by Nocatee Community

11/12/14 4:54 PM

In Florida singles now outnumber marrieds, although at 53.5 percent, just barely. As the largest U.S. city, Jacksonville isn’t letting land mass get in the way of providing a sense of community for single professionals.

Whether you’re seeking a mentor, wanting to give back, or simply grow your network outside of LinkedIn and industry events, Jacksonville is the place to get plugged in to a wide range of organizations including:

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Volunteerism is Alive and Well in Master-Planned Communities

Posted by Nocatee Community

6/24/14 5:30 PM

Volunteerism and community service have long been considered cherished American traditions. While Americans are recognized the world over for their hard work ethic – U.S. workers receive far less vacation time than their European counterparts, with many never using the paid days off they receive! – so, too, are we well known for the amount of time we donate to civic and charitable causes.

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Providence Homes raises $60,000 for HOPE International at Nocatee

Posted by Nocatee Community

6/9/14 1:56 PM

The PARC Group, Nocatee’s master-developer, proudly supports Providence Homes and its involvement with HOPE International. Providence Homes recently constructed a brand new home for the "Homes for HOPE" project, its fifth "Homes for HOPE" home, within the Nocatee community.

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Fostering a Sense of Community - Online

Posted by Nocatee Community

2/25/14 5:16 PM

America is a wired nation.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 73 percent of online adults use some kind of social networking site, with 42 percent using more than one site to make and maintain social and professional connections. What’s more, one in five adults now uses digital tools to talk to their neighbors.

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Holiday Celebrations Kindle Sense of Community at Nocatee

Posted by Donna Lundgren - Nocatee Welcome Center Manager

12/10/13 3:23 PM

Ask a homeowner what they enjoy most about living in a master-planned community, and a“sense of community” is sure to be on the list. Numerous studies and urban planning associations have noted, in fact, that while residents of older, more established cities bemoan the loss of a community connection, master-planned communities have succeeded in creating an atmosphere where residents can meet, congregate and socialize with their neighbors.

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