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7 Tips for Coming Up with a Down Payment for your First Home

For many people, owning a new home is the epitome of the American Dream. As ...

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Volunteerism is Alive and Well in Master-Planned Communities

Volunteerism and community service have long been considered cherished American ...

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Master-planned communities recognized for ‘building healthy places’

What constitutes a “healthy community?” What are the offerings and amenities ...

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North Florida: An ideal spot to celebrate ‘National Fishing and Boating Week’

Updated: June 15, 2021 Anglers and boaters will be out in full force this ...

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Looking for a job or to start a business? Move to Florida!

The state of Florida has been in the news lately, as national business ...

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12 Tips for Moving with Children

As another school year draws to a close, numerous families across the country ...

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5 Myths about Condos vs. Single-family Homes

One of the first decisions house hunters must consider is exactly what type of ...

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Exploring the Past in Historic St. Augustine

As America’s oldest continuously occupied city established by Europeans, St. ...

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Owning vs. Renting Your New Home: Which One is Right for You?

As U.S. homes prices start to rise, many renters may soon be asking: Is now the ...

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