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Holiday Home Decor and Lights

Easy and Fun Holiday Home Decor

Posted by Kelly Ray

1/8/13 11:19 AM

Now that the season has arrived it is time to decorate your home for the holidays. Using household items, Christmas candies, and imaginative ideas, you can quickly transform any room into a sparkly Christmas Wonderland.

It is usually garland, wreaths, fireplace mantel decorations, and beautiful centerpieces that often set the stage for your family’s holiday haven. Here are some holiday decorating ideas that can quickly customize your beautiful Florida home:

  • Sweet Christmas Candy Decorations – Nothing else can decorate your home better than beautiful flowers and Christmas candy. Incorporate candy canes, gumdrops and ribbon candy into a beautiful centerpiece laced with red and green carnations.food-sweet-cookies-christmas-holiday-spread_tall-1.jpg
  • Paper and Fabric Decorations – With a little spray adhesive and a bottle of glitter you can quickly transform your old fishbowl or planted pot into a whimsical Christmas centerpiece. Consider using fabric and construction paper around the home to create garland, snowflakes and decorative wrapped gifts, to sprinkle the Christmas cheer all around your home.
  • Those Old Skates – Now is the time to take down those old skates up in the attic, and hang them up on the front door. Better than an inviting wreath, you can decorate your old skates by filling them with small wrapped gifts and tying glittery bows on the laces. You can quickly incorporate wintry everyday items like skates, sleds and toboggans, into your holiday decorating scheme.
  • Citrus Fruit and Pine Cones – Wintertime brings with it a fresh harvest of citrus fruits including oranges, lemons and limes. Using an open dish or glass bowl arrange a variety of citrus fruits. Be sure to accentuate your centerpiece using miniature ornaments and small pine cones. A few pine boughs can add a decorative touch to an already beautiful centerpiece.
  • Unused Christmas Bulbs – If you have unused, or outdated, large Christmas bulbs, unscrew them from their wired holder and place them in a decorative clear glass. Consider adding a complementary colored candle in the center. Your lovely, imaginative Christmas table centerpiece makes great use of a recycled Christmas decoration.
  • Candy in a Mason Jar – Large clear Mason jars filled with loose Christmas candy make a wonderful decorating accent to any coffee or end table. Add wrapped candy canes, loose M&Ms or emptying a bag of cinnamon red hots into a clear Mason jar. It will add that decorative accent to your fireplace mantel or end table.


Decorating for the holidays does not need to be expensive. Using household items, and a little imagination you can make every room in your decorative Florida home festive for the holiday season.

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