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Staying "Cool" at Nocatee

Posted by Kelly Ray

7/17/13 12:43 PM

Lush shaded Greenway Trails, 2,400 acres of preserved ecosystems, Splash Water Park, neighborhood parks and picnic spots…all are in Nocatee residents’ backyards. Summer time is a great time for families to take advantage of these community amenities, so we want to offer some simple tips for staying cool and comfortable this summer!

• Drink lots of water to stay hydrated on warm summer days.

• Go to water themed parks, as there is no dearth of water themed amusement parks in and around Jacksonville, Florida. Residents and their guests have the privilege of enjoying the community’s resort-style Splash Water Park! This will help you to stay cool even through the hottest time of the day.

• Carry an umbrella or wear a hat and lots of sunblock, especially if you’re likely to be outdoors.

• Wear loose-fitting clothes made from light cotton fabrics, as they allow your skin breathe. Wear natural fabrics and avoid tight, dark synthetic materials.

• Stick to a light exercise if you are exercising outside, as a heavy and vigorous outdoor fitness routine might lead to excessive sweating and dehydration. Residents take advantage of indoor facilities, like the Nocatee Fitness Club and the group exercise room.

• Enjoy lighter meals throughout the day, like soups, salads, fruits, and cool smoothies; smoothies with a little bit of crushed ice are a great way to cool down. You can make smoothies of different fruit combinations and even take them with you on-the-go!

• Try to spend as much time as possible indoors. Whether you want to shop or go to the movies in Jacksonville, FL, there are plenty of places indoors where you can do them. Many Nocatee residents enjoy the indoor socials, family-movies, cooking classes, craft days and more that are all held inside the community’s gorgeous banquet space each month.

• Check out our newest Pinboard, “A Nocatee Summer,” for activity ideas perfect for keeping the family busy and cool at home this summer. See it here: http://buff.ly/15FUZ0r.

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