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Nocatee Neighbor Entrepreneur: Sheri of Trompe L’oeil Salon

Posted by Donna Lundgren - Nocatee Welcome Center Manager

11/25/15 12:39 PM


There’s a special bond between mother and daughter. And for Sheri Beltran and her mother Mary Lou, deciding to go into business together seemed like a great way to turn their strong relationship into a family legacy. They opened Trompe L’oeil Salon in Jacksonville Beach in 1995, and are now celebrating their 20th year in business at their award-winning Ponte Vedra location.


Growing along with the community


Expanding to a second location may not have always been in their plans, but when Sheri saw Nocatee’s master plan, she knew she wanted to become one of the Town Center’s first wave of new tenants. Now on her second home in the community, her decision to expand to Nocatee has already paid off through record-breaking success, and it hasn’t even been a year since they moved in.


Family business meets family values


A former New Yorker and ballroom dancer, Sheri appreciates the community with shared values she’s found in Nocatee. “If you’re looking for a great life for your kids, you can’t beat this place,” she says. Sheri, her husband Carlos and their two children have made many fond memories in Enclave at Town Center , with Mary Lou living right next door.


Those family ties have never been stronger in the business either, and Trompe L’oeil is now three generations strong—Mary Lou is the receptionist at the Nocatee location, while Carlos and their daughter Rachel run the Ponte Vedra salon.


It’s rare to live and work in such a tight-knit community. Sheri and Mary Lou have found it—they get to walk to work every day, and help friends and neighbors look fabulous once they get there.


Sheri’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs


After owning several successful businesses, Sheri has the following advice for aspiring entrepreneurs: “Do what you love and surround yourself with greatness.” Given where her salon is located and who she works with, we’d say she’s winning on both accounts.


To learn more about available new homes in Nocatee and new businesses, explore nocatee.com or stop by the Nocatee Welcome Center.


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