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Back to School Tips

Back-to-School Tips to Kick Off the New School Year

Posted by Donna Lundgren - Nocatee Welcome Center Manager

8/2/18 10:19 AM

Summer camps, quick trips, and staycations are drawing to a close for many Nocatee families as the beginning of a brand new school year is drawing near. Before the school is back in session, consider these 7 tips to make transitioning back-to-school easy for both students and parents:


1. Take your kids shopping for school supplies. Get them excited about going back to school by allowing them to showcase their personalities through folders, pencils, backpacks and other school supplies. Be sure you have the teacher’s list of required items before hitting the stores.School Recess


2. Plan for fun and healthy lunches. If you normally pack your kids’ lunches, try to add a little fun while packing nutritious options. There are several “bento box” ideas online that turn boring lunches into edible art that you kids will be excited to try.


3. Get back into your routine a week early. Ease children back into the school day routine with appropriate curfews and bedtimes. Set your alarms, get dressed and up and at ‘em just like you and your kids will when school starts back. That way, waking up on the first day of school isn't difficult for you or your children.


4. Talk about their plans and expectations. Discuss what your kids are hoping to learn and do this year at school. Will they want to sign up for sports programs, or attend after-school events? Are they getting more responsibility through chores? Does their allowance stay the same? Reinforce rules and set the bar before the first day of school.

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5. Use a family calendar. If you don’t already have one in your home, dedicate a small area to a family calendar where all events, activities and chores are clearly visible to all family members. This helps eliminate confusion and gives kids a visual reminder for events to look forward to.


6. Plan out outfits so mornings won’t be a struggle. Finding something to wear is often them most time-consuming part of the morning! Help your children develop the good habit of planning an outfit the night before to eliminate morning drama. Remind them they could sleep in a little longer if they plan for tomorrow today.


7. Celebrate back-to-school with a summer send-off. To help ward off the back-to-school blues, plan one last day trip or beach day with your kids. They’ll be better equipped for what’s next with a little closure on the last days of summer.


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